4 Strong ways to make money online.

I f you’re on internet you have read articles or blogs but ever imagine how the person behind it what do they get from creating it . Now you might thinking that it’s their hobby but what if i tell you that you can earn good amount by doing the same. Yes I am talking about how do the bloggers make money out of it and what are those mediums from which they are generating it consistently.

So if you want to become successful blogger than read this post. Whenever it comes to make money from internet “blogging” comes at the top. This is the best & real way to make money online. After that you have to write articles & when good amount of traffic is coming at your blog than you can able to earn money from number of mediums.

One of the best way to earn is by monetizing you website with ad network such as google adsense, media,net , mediavine etc.. many big bloggers share their income report who is earning high , if you have seen those than you also feel motivated bu the main source of their income is different from each other.

Some Bloggers make money from adsense which is best and easy to implement because it is owned by Google so you don’t need to worry about your pending payment or any other issue regarding payment release.

But you have to choose your blog according to the skills you have and how much you know about it which is perfect for you. You have to find about it. So it is better to try one before switching to other stream.

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1. Joining Affiliate Marketing Programs

It is the type of program in which if you bring customer to their platform and if any sale is generated than you get some commission on that price Example:- if u sell 100$ worth of product and if 20% commission is set than u can directly earn 20$ without putting much effort.

Now imagine if you sell 100 products in one day than you can easily make 2000$ (100*20)

The Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from your blog and lot of bloggers are actually earning from it. because it only require targeted audience you can do it with less audience also Now if you have visited any website relate. just paste affiliate link in blog and if someone clicks and complete the offer than you get rewarded.

2. By Placing Advertisement on Your blog

This will not be surprising for you because you have already scene many articles/ blogs if you visit you can clearly sees some advertisement in the header or footer section or sometimes even in the side or in the middle of blogs posts . Yes the publisher is earning from these ads just by active visitors visiting their articles.

So You will be pay by cpm ,( Cost of 1000 impression) , rpm (revenue per 1000 impressionon ) ,cpc ( Cost per Click) . So advertiser place bids in the ad network and publisher sees ads on website and half of ad revenue which advertiser is spending will be credited to your account if the ad shown successfully.

It is one of the easiest way to make money online. even a Newbie blogger can able to do it. So this is the one of the ways from which you can earn from your blog.

3. Sponsored Posts

If you want to become blogger you should know the fact that 70% consumers buy product only when they see good review about it , now they where they can seen review Of course in the website or blog. So this is the way blogger can make huge amount of money from this way

If you are blogger you have successful blog and you want to generate more money from your blog you can write sponsored posts and published in your article by doing these the person who has sold his blog to you can achieve good amount of the traffic from your blog to his destination site which is good for him you can earn money without doing anything.

Sponsored posts can costs from 100$ to upto 10000$ . Initially you can charge 100$ from your clients and if successful than you can able to generate a passive income.

4. Selling own products online.

The above mentions are the ways from which you can earn based on the products ? services of other people . But what is I tell you that you can earn money by selling your own product directly to the consumers In the digital market platform or from your blog.

Yes it is possible by selling the digital products like E-Books, Live courses, Digital Courses , Plugins , theme etc..anything which is not a physical product you can sold on your blog by creating proper ecommerce page and attached with your website or blog you can generate a serious revenue from that if successful . Even if it is not a digital product and it is physical product you can still able to do that the only thing you require is the logistics & inventory management .

So if you able to make arrangements as above you can successfully sell your products online. If you successful in this than you can even startup.

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